Anxiety… and us

Anxiety has always been part of my life, a bit like my cold-sores… lying dormant… until the first sign of stress, be it the good stress that surfaces with the run up to a long needed night out, or the bad stress that smacks you in the face when you can’t afford to fix your car and the bus is late for (on a good day) the hour and a half long school run, turning it into a two-hour journey from Hell, before rocking up to work an hour late looking like you’ve just done the 5K park run in your uniform!

As my two daughters, Brady and Kasey are of pre-teenage-age, with an abundance of happy-sad hormones, and my step-daughter Katie is reluctant to let go of her terrible twos, despite being on this earth for nine years, she clings tight…

My loyalist friend, Anxiety, is by my side through thick and thin…

But we get by… the inside of my head might resemble the morning after a bottle of Potcheen and a fist full of cigarette butts,  amazingly, however, I mainly (would like to imagine) present as a perfectly grounded, amazing mother-earth!

The past five years have been some of the toughest… Many of my family have passed away, I’ve moved house, changed jobs, encountered bullying, ran out of money – and that’s scratching the surface… There have been tears, there’s been laughter…. but mainly tears… after 8 pm, once the girls are in bed!